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#christmasgiftideas -

I will design your very own tin, and custom card. You know who we mean! Is your baby is escaping the swaddle? Choose from a range of sizes and flavours. Oh and complimentary gift wrapping if you would like!

Scented Christmas wax tablet, which can also be used as wax melts. If you also want to get yours done online - I can help! Forget about plastic water bottles! And, if there are any guys #christmasgiftideas there reading this. When I #christmasgiftideas a similar idea online, I knew that it was the perfect way to incorporate these #christmasgiftideas pages into our Christmas decor.

First few mini bags done! We've been so busy pushing out your Diwali orders that we didn't have time to take photos of each order, but here's a few photos of our glamorous Diwali orders #christmasgiftideas we managed to get a quick snap of!

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