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9 Do-It-Yourself Party Decorations, Giveaways, Souvenirs & Activities from SP Moms | SP

Many tourists visiting the country has a lot to look forward to other than the smile of the people, places to go and friendship because Filipino Christmas foods is also another reason to spend Christmas in the Philippines. If this is your first time to visit the country and especially on Christmas then you should not miss all the foods commonly served during the holiday season. This native Filipino delicacy is always a Christmas staple and would sure to bring back nostalgic childhood memories on every bite. Bibingka is a rice cake that has toppings of contrasting flavors.

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ClicMaking your own party paraphernalia isn't only practical, it develops your creativity and gives an opportunity for the family to bond together by helping out in party preparations. Here are 9 ideas from SP forum members on how they did these themselves, saving a huge amount of money that they were able to use for other party expenses. I was worried on how to direct the guests to the function hall if I'd be waiting and entertaining the other guests upstairs. That's when the idea of having an usher came into mind and who better than the birthday boy himself, but just a replica of him of course.